Frequently Asked Questions

why all this popups?

At start of site, will need have popups to have more earnings, with the time, payment from site will be more bigger!

More Questions?

Ask In Support form! I ll answer you in 24 h!

how referal works?

You can share your link, if your referal will arrive at 5€ earned, you and your referal will have 0,50€ more each

How can i have payment from guides or articles?

If You write a good articles or guide, i ll pay you, the payment is not fixed, is variable

How Can I Put Shrink?

If You Want put shrink you can ask me in form support, it will have a less cost of rest sponsors, you will earn to shrink not me, i ll earn nothing from your shrink, you will pay just the click from other users

Shink earning GUIDE

To validate a shrink you need to follow the instruction of a shrink, until you will not be back in the site, the link will not be validate, so you will not earn when you will see post disappear for 24h, it will means that you will do all correct, if you need more help about shrink, ask in the form, i ll let you watch a video at least!

Ads Clicks and Ads Days

which are differences from ads clicks and ads days? 1) Ads clicks: you will buy click, for example 1000 clicks, your post will be up until it will be clicked 1000 total times each user can click your post 1 time at day! 2) Ads days, your post will be up 24/24 every day, for all days that have you buy you have free sporsor too 1 time for day, but it will not be showed in the top of the page!


  • Low Payout Minimum
  • PayPal recharge
  • Amazon voucher withdraw
  • Referral's monitor
  • Free sponsorships per day

Other Benefits

  • YouTube sponsorship
  • App sponsorship
  • Custom advertising banners
  • User support